Here’s a little teaser for my new, creator-owned project that I have been developing over the last couple months! Stay tuned for more info!

Not too long ago, I was watching the original Robocop, and couldn’t get over the idea of an incredibly technologically-advanced android cop driving around in a 1985 Ford Taurus. To be fair, it was a new car back then, set to be released in 1986, but still. Robocop drives the same car as your parents probably did back in the 80s.

The Tiger and the Jaguar: Retro ReduxBG ripped from Street Fighter Alpha 2.

The Tiger and the Jaguar: Retro Redux

BG ripped from Street Fighter Alpha 2.

Adon for the #StreetFighterCollab on Twitter!

Here’s the Photoshop coloring process for Sagat!

The process is totally based on Adam Ford’s process, and is an incredibly efficient and flexible way to color, giving you control over every element.


Sagat from Street Fighter Alpha for the #StreetFighterCollab on Twitter!

Tonight’s sketch from Industry Night.


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Robot dinosaurs.